Product Design
DM Prevent

The App offering:

The DMPrevent mission is to meet the full spectrum of patient needs through medical interventions related to the early detection, treatment, and monitoring of the complications of diabetes.
The App will collect data from the Portable Ophthalmology Exam,  Dermatoscope, Non-invasive Glucometer and the ABI.

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Some User Stories:

1- As a patient, I want to be able to check my glucose level so that
I can make sure I am well.

2- As a patient, I don’t want to have to go to the doctor’s office all
the time to get my glucose managed because I am busy.

4- As a doctor, I want to check my patient’s glucose levels over a
period of time so that I can make a better diagnosis.

5- As a doctor, I want to be notified of a patient’s glucose levels
when my patient is having a problem [not every time].


User Flow

Story, Wireframing and Prototyping

As a DMP Support agent, I would like to get a log of all transmissions and events from a DMP app to our DMP API in order to get a full picture of the flow of information so that I can solve a support case.